Building SuperTux 0.3.2 SVN is different then building SuperTux 0.3.1 on Mac OS X.

#### Prerequisites

  • Installing MacPorts

  • Update MacPorts:

    sudo port selfupdate -d

  • Install libraries from Macports:

    sudo port install libsdl libsdl_image cmake libvorbis physfs glew boost

Build SuperTux

svn checkout
cd supertux
mkdir build
mkdir dist
cd build
cmake .. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=../dist/

Resolve issues with missing library

cd ..
cp /opt/local/lib/libphysfs.2.0.0.dylib dist/libphysfs.1.dylib


cd build
make install
  • Download mac dylib bundler at (0.3.1)

  • Unpack it and run:


  • You can install the Tool systemwide (make install) or work with PATH

    export PATH=pwd:”$PATH”

  • Change your directory where your is:

    dylibbundler -b -x ./ -d ./ -od

The Tool can’t find the libphysfs.1.dylib so you must enter the path of your libphysfs.1.dylib

Now you can run